Implemented programs
2020 – 2021
STEAM centers in Kramatorsk and Rubizhne
The Fund team provided expert support for the project, the purpose of which is to provide an opportunity for creative students and youth of Donbass and Luhansk region, teachers seeking to integrate the principles of STEAM education in their schools, a platform for development.
Regional STEAM education centers in Kramatorsk and Rubizhne are creative educational, digital and technological spaces.
The centers are equipped with modern equipment for teaching and organizing STEM projects: educational electronics kits, a photo and video studio, equipment for robotics, 3D modeling and interdisciplinary laboratory work, in particular in astronomy, biology, geography, mathematics, physics and chemistry, as well as a system augmented reality through a holographic projection screen.
Regional STEAM Education Centers were opened as part of the United Nations Program for the Reconstruction and Development of the World with funding from the European Union.

Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Teachers, students, youth
2020 – 2021
Donetsk regional competition for the development of smart solutions "Techno School"
Competitive selection of scientific and technical projects aimed at creating an innovative product - models of smart solutions using "smart" devices for the modernization of an educational institution with a description of the socio-economic impact.
The purpose of the Competition is to identify and support gifted children, to involve intellectually and creatively gifted students in research and experimental work, to provide them with comprehensive support in choosing STEM professions.

The territory of the Donetsk region, controlled by the government of Ukraine
Students of grades 8-11 of institutions of general secondary education
April - December 2019
All-Ukrainian competition for modeling smart devices "STEAM-House" - 2019
STEAM-House is a measure designed to promote the development of technological competence, research and creative skills of students, project skills, and the development of the intellectual potential of Ukraine.
Smart Life consists of many intelligent devices. As part of the competition, students are encouraged to upgrade any existing devices or design their own.
The competition was held in three nominations:
  • Internet of Things
  • Personal Gadgets
  • Smart City

Ukraine. Students aged 12 to 17
January - May 2018
All-Ukrainian competition for modeling smart devices "STEAM-House" - 2018
How to conserve drinking water and solar energy, help visually impaired people and reduce the risk of landslides. These questions were answered by the finalists of the All-Ukrainian Competition "STEAM-House", which was held on May 17, 2018 at the premises of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
The organizers divided the competition into two categories: for children aged 12-14 (younger group) and children aged 15-17 (senior group). In total, about 100 applications for the description of smart projects were received from elementary school students. After considering the proposals, the jury selected 10 finalized projects. The participants of the competition were students from Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Horishni Plavni, Zakarpattia, Yuzhnoukrainsk and Sumy.

Ukraine. Students aged 12 to 17
2012 – 2017
MBA Program in Information Technology in Business Management (МІМ-Kyiv Business School)
A specialized program aimed at managers who want to understand the practical possibilities of modern information technologies to improve management efficiency.

Ukraine. Youth aged 25 to 35
2012 – 2017
Interregional business platform (МІМ-Kyiv Business School)
Created for the purpose of business community development, integration of regional business communities into a single telecommunication space. Based on the Cisco TelePresence solution, the interregional platform today includes the central, western and eastern regions of Ukraine, with sites in Kyiv, Vinnytsia, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk.

Ukraine. Youth aged 25 to 35
2013 – 2021
Program "IT-education. Career Guidance".
An educational program that allowed high school students and their parents, administrators and teachers to learn more about the IT careers, the stages of education and the criteria for success in the IT field

Ukraine. Students aged 12 to 17
2013 – 2016
Conference for young people about how you can develop yourself in our country, about different ways of development in business. The conference provides answers to the questions: what ways of becoming open to young people, how they differ from each other, what suits a particular participant, how to achieve success in each of them and what difficulties will be encountered

Ukraine. Youth aged 14 to 23
2012 – 2016
All-Ukrainian Computer Talent Championship "Golden Byte"
IT Championship among students.

Ukraine. Youth age 17 to 23
2012 – 2013
Kyiv competition of innovative projects "Strategy"
Competition of projects for the development of Kyiv among young people aged 14 to 23.
The competition is a practical implementation of the development of a priority area in the work with students and youth on the introduction of modern educational and information technologies, the formation of the basic skills of participants in research and project activities, the development of their intellectual potential, the search and selection of talented youth, providing them with comprehensive support, improving systems of continuous pre-professional and vocational training of students.

Kyiv. Youth aged 14 to 23
2012 – 2013
The Fund for Educational Initiatives - General Educational Partner in Kyiv for the International Youth Organization AIESEC
The purpose of the International Youth Organization AIESEC is the formation of the necessary professional competencies for future careers and the development of leadership potential of young people

Kyiv. Youth aged 14 to 35
International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI)
One of the most famous programming contests in the world. IOI winners are undoubtedly some of the best young programmers in the world
IOI 2012

Ukraine. Students aged 12 to 17
A party is a platform for informal communication between startups, investors, and all those who live and think innovatively

Ukraine. Youth aged 23 to 35
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